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Astro Compass & GPS 3.01
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The program allows to use the Palm like a real Compass.Put yourself in front to any celestial object of solar system (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) or 28 bright stars (Sirius, Vega and so on): the program calculates its position on heavenly vault and then it will display a Compass. You will be able to find any correct geographical direction: North, East, South, West.Moreover the program gives: a) topocentric coordinates (Azimuth and Altitude);b)equatorial coordinates (Right Ascension and Declination);c) times of rise, transit and set of the celestial object (for the Moon, when the event occur the next day, it will be displayed ****).Near the object name you can see the Azimuth and Altitude values (or Right Ascension and Declination).On the right the program shows the altitude of the object respect on the horizon and Local Sidereal Time.It is possible to store geographical coordinates.Also it is possible to obtain the dates of the Equinoxes and Solstices for any year from 1000 up to 3000 (see the role of the Precession of the equinoxes!)Earths Surface functionIt is possible to calculate the distance between two points on the Earths surface. Moreover the program allows to know other geographical information about the parallel of any latitude: distance from Earths center, the radius of the parallel, the length of one degree of longitude and latitude, the linear velocity, the radius of curvature of the Earths meridian at any latitude.Astronomical Almanac option gives the dates of the most important astronomical phenomena: more than 80 astronomical events for every year from 2000 up to 2030 Your shadow. This function calculates the direction and the length of your shadow at any time (if the Sun is above the horizon); moreover it displays the time when the shadow points North and the times when it is equal to your height.Geo sites This gives the geographical coordinates of 388 towns in the world. Once it is running, the user can choose, add (maximum 400) or modify the sites: the program will automatically send the corresponding coordinates to the Astro Compass program.Complete help inside.From version 2.0 the program uses colors.Astronomical Almanac option gives the dates of the most important astronomical phenomena: more than 80 astronomical events for every year from 2000 up to 2030.GPS The program allows to receive and to display data from GPS unit connected to Palm serial port. Please, read GPS.rtf file for detail.Registration: Full version needs HotSyncName.

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