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contains approximately 400 herbs and non-herbal dietary supplements. Its purpose is to provide a framework by which one may understandgeneral aspects of the drug and for what it may be used. It may be used much as a Pharmacopeia is used, but with less emphasis on dosing and more onuses and effects.About the Database DeveloperDavid I. RappaportMedical Student at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia Inspiration For Alticopeia”The future of medicine will likely integrate advanced pharmaceuticals and technologies with philosophies which are presently deemed ‘alternativemedicine’.” I developed Alticopeia to offer ‘mainstream’ healthcare providers an important tool in understanding many of the medical aspects–uses, risks,demonstration of efficacy–of many of the most common herbal medications used by patients in this country.”Herbs & Supplement Data:Common name, for example: ‘Calendula flower/herb’ Latin name of the plant, for example: ‘Calendula officinalis’ Please note that this is the name of the entire plant, so the Latin name of the root of one particular plant will be the same as the Latin name for the fruit orflower. Other names commonly used, for example: ‘Marigold, Gold Bloom, Marybud’ Common uses, for example: ‘external: wound healing; internal: pharyngitis/mucositis’ Please note that the term ‘indications’ was specifically not used. This herb may effective or ineffective for this particular use. It may be effective for oneuse but not for another. Many herbs are used differently externally and internally. Scientific information, for example: ‘contains glycosides, aglycones, carotenoids; may have anti-s. aureus, anti-HIV activity; may simulateepithelialization’Note that this information may include components of the herb/supplement, clinical or laboratory results, proposed or documented physiologicalmechanisms, and whether conclusive studies exist about its effectiveness. Commission E Findings, for example: ‘Approved (flower only)’The German Commission E probably represents the most complete systematic review of herbs. As noted earlier, the Commission used ‘reasonablecertainty’ as the criterion in determining whether an herb was safe and effective. Non-herbal supplements were not investigated by this Commission, andso they are marked with ‘N/A.’ If the herb is marked ‘Approved,’ it can be reasonably thought of as safe with at least some form of documented efficacy.In this case, the flower was approved but the herb was not. Cautions, for example: ‘uncommon dermatitis’ These may include side effects/toxicities and interactions with other herbs or drugs. Unfortunately rates of side effects are rarely available. Signs andsymptoms of overdose are included if applicable. Usual Daily Dose, for example: ‘as directed’ Please note that this dose represents merely a guideline. Many herbs will have different doses for different uses. Many are used simply as directed. Reference, for example: ‘Patrick et al, 1996. Induction of vascularisation of an aqueous extract of flowers of c. officinalis. Phytomedicine. 3(1):11-18.’I have included a reference for only about 20 of the herbs. Most of the remainder have not been adequately studied or the studies are either inadequateor in a language such as German or Chinese.

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