Dotcom-Monitor Upgrades Web-Based Monitoring Suite with Advanced New Service Capabilities


Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) May 20, 2009

Dotcom-Monitor, (, a trusted industry provider of advanced yet affordable externally-hosted network and IT monitoring services, today announced two new upgrades to its unified monitoring suite. Dotcom-Monitor’s SaaS-based services, highly popular with IT operations users such as IT/network managers and senior developers, are now more advanced than ever, providing web-based access to a comprehensive suite of affordable monitoring tools.

Enhanced Web Application Monitoring Service

Dotcom-Monitor announced today that its Web Application Monitoring service has been dramatically enhanced as a result of a new Dynamic Macro Recorder offering full support for parameters with dynamic values. IT operations professionals can now create virtual users located worldwide that monitor dynamic web transactions which use values that change with each transaction. These simulated users test/validate the performance of these highly dynamic web functions, which include shopping carts, custom member login sections, sign-up processes, and more. The new Dynamic Macro Recorder ensures that monitoring these complex website processes is simple to setup, manage, and monitor.

New Intelligent Traceroute Service

The company also announced today the release of its Intelligent Traceroute Service − an advanced tool for troubleshooting network-related problems such as outages, poor network performance, or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)-related problems. This new service combines the functionality of ‘traceroute’ and ‘ping’ programs in a single network diagnostic service. The Intelligent Traceroute Service investigates the network connection between the monitoring agent and a user-specified destination host. After determining the address of each network hop between machines, the service sends a sequence of 10 ICMP ECHO requests to each machine to determine the response time of the link to each hop.

“Many of our competitors have migrated away from the type of advanced IT operational monitoring technologies we’re announcing today because maintaining them is simply cost prohibitive for them,” said Vadim Mazo, founder and chief technical officer of Dotcom-Monitor. “Because we’ve invested over a decade into building our IT monitoring platform in-house, we understand it extremely well and are able to deliver advanced IT and network monitoring tools that are both affordable and useful to true IT professionals. Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to that audience, delivering elegant solutions to real IT operations problems with a price that is significantly less than competing SaaS monitoring services.”

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About Dotcom-Monitor:

Since 1998, thousands of companies worldwide have trusted Dotcom-Monitor to deliver the ultimate value in a unified suite of advanced, externally-hosted solutions for proactively monitoring the uptime and performance of websites, web applications, and Internet network infrastructure. Dotcom-Monitor’s modular design and ultra-reliable platform enable organizations to combine powerful monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation, and analysis options in tailored packages designed to best fit their needs. To discover the power, simplicity, and affordability of Dotcom-Monitor’s innovative suite of monitoring services, including: website monitoring, network monitoring, web load stress tests, SIP monitoring, and much more, please visit


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