Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

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Home Page > Internet > SEO > Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

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Posted: Aug 20, 2010



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Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

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Article Source: Google Hire “Mad Scientists?”

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Does Google Hire “Mad Scientists?” Online search giant, Google, often tests the waters for new 
services by rolling out a “beta” (first) version of an idea 
to gauge public reaction. 

By employing this strategy, it’s easy to imagine a building 
full of creative, “mad scientist” types cooking up the 
latest and greatest online gizmos. 

In fact, you can take a peek at what’s cooking at Google by 
logging on to 

There you’ll find glimpses of the true “bleeding edge” 
technology Google thinks will shape the way we use 
information on the Internet in the very near future. 

** Online Video Search ** 

Log on to to see the next step in 
Google’s quest to become the world’s foremost repository of 
online and offline information. 

This first attempt at providing searchable data about video 
is currently restricted to recent television shows. 

Unlike the video search at rival Yahoo! 
( ) which provides a searchable 
database of actual video clips available for viewing right 
online, Google’s video search results take the browser to a 
page with still frame images and text transcripts of the 

Since it rates much easier to search text than video, this 
particular format of transcript combined with still frame 
should win out over the straight video clip method (at 
least for now). 

** Help With Keyword Searches ** 

One problem everyone encounters periodically online 
involves wanting to find something, but not knowing exactly 
how to phrase the request to a search engine. 

You sort of know what you want, but aren’t 100% sure how to 
phrase it, or the results you get from the phrases you use 
don’t give you the results you want. 

Log on to and click the 
“Google Suggest” link (currently third link from the top on 
the left side of the page). 

This link takes you to a search page where, as you type in 
your keyword phrase, Google will make additional 
suggestions on related search terms you should consider. 

Other gizmos in the Google “lab” include: Google Maps. 
Google Desktop, and Google Scholar. 

** Recent Graduates From The “Lab” ** 

Some recent graduates of the Google Lab include: 

“Web Alerts” – Log on to to 
receive an email notification any time a new web page or 
news article enters the Google database containing a search 
phrase you specify. 

This provides an excellent means to quickly find new sites 
that mention anything from your favorite movie star to use 
of a trademarked product name you want to monitor. 

“Search By Location” – Log on to to 
find local businesses and other interesting information 
based on geography. 

A search on

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