detecting windows computers from macintosh?

Question by efefef20: detecting windows computers from macintosh?
i have a macintosh on a network that has 20 or more windows computers. recently i made the mistake of shutting down my mac from the power cable. and it has been reset to its factory settings. i managed to use my desktop shortcuts to access some network computers. but i want to see all computers from my mac hd’s network tab. the others can see my computer from their own network connections page. what can i do to locate their computer names in mac hd’s network tab? thank you.

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Answer by Banking Tech
OKOK, here we go. First Apple Preferences, go to File Sharing and make sure that the domain or workgroup you are on for the network is the same, (so go to the windows machine right click on My Computer go to Properties, Computer Name check for Domain or Workgroup name, insert that into your field for Workgroup under your Mac). Next go to your Network peferences on your mac and make sure that your IP is on the same subnet.(Network Connections under your Control Panel in windows environment to check) Let me know if this works for you, if not then i will tell you more things to do. Thanks~

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