Desktop search tool that searches for file keywords?

Question by Amit: Desktop search tool that searches for file keywords?

Can anyone recommend a desktop search engine that searches within document “keywords” in addition to the usual title, and content?

Document keyword as in as follows for Windows NTFS files: right click a document -> Properties -> Summary Tab -> Keywords.

I have put Keywords on some of my files and am unable to now search for files with particular keywords. Sort of I am trying to tag my files. Is there something other than desktop search that allows this ‘tagging + tag search’ use case?

Windows own build in file search is not looking within Keywords; makes keywords pretty useless without an ability to search. X1 desktop is also not looking in the keywords (or I have not found the option so far to make it do that). Have not tried with google or MS desktop search so far; but they have not listed it as a supported feature.

Much appreciate your help.


Best answer:

Answer by tron
try copernic

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