Desktop Search Rain

Yesterday I got a great idea to make a music video for promoting desktop search. Aside of the song this was named after, it is inspired, of course, by the gigantic desktop search troll thread in I mean, the thread has already seen a few bazillion weird things; one more won’t make it a lot weirder. I still can’t believe this only took two days to make. Why the heck they sink millions in the music industry? Apologies if the melodies, euphemistically put, “sound familiar”. I’m not a pro musician, don’t follow the latest trends in popular music, yet, I might have inadvertently caught this from somewhere. Well, it’s a repetitive catchy song =) Also, this is my first *proper* and nice try of Synfig and CinelerraCV together. —– Tracker homepage (also featured in this video): —– Lyrics (apologies for my accent): Desktop search, loved by newbies and pros alike Desktop search, brings lost files back… in the play Desktop search, you forgot all that’s cool or weird Desktop search shall turn the dark night into day Desktop search, lo, Tracker shall find its prey Desktop search, metadata shall be in the plain Desktop search, through snow and fog and especially rain Desktop search, even children use it every day
Video Rating: 4 / 5