Desktop Screenshot for Lifehacker

Desktop Screenshot for Lifehacker
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Image by pigpogm
*** The scribbled notes are *on* the desktop, they’re not explanations – it’s a Tablet PC. ***

A screenshot of the desktop of Moog, my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, for the Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell pool.

It’s a bit on the self-referential side, because I only got the idea to do this after browsing the other desktops in the group.

It’s using the internal LCD panel, 1400×1050 resolution.

See notes for most info.

Main software used…

Windows XP Tablet PC Editon 2005 – catchy name. The only choice on a tablet, really. I’m a wannabe geek, so I really *want* to be a Linux user, but Windows does work pretty nicely, really.

Outlook – 2003 at the moment, but I may end up switching back to 2002 at some point, as it’s all I’m really licensed for these days. Running NewsGator at the moment to put all my RSS feeds in there too, but I usually end up switching back to Bloglines pretty soon after trying anything else.

Internet Explorer. I know, I can’t be *any* kind of geek if I’m not using Firefox, but 1.5 was using over 370Mb of physical RAM – I’ve only *got* 512Mb, and it wouldn’t give any of it up, so I’ve had to dump it again. Shame, really, it had just got going nicely on the tablet, with the new extension for tablets.

(Screenshot was converted and compressed with The GIMP – I use it for all my photo editing.)


The idea is this – keep anything relating to an active project or action (GTD style stuff) in the Outlook task for it, as attachments. When starting to work on something, drag the attachments out into one of the three numbered areas in the middle, and work on them. When done for the moment, drag ’em back to where they came from and erase any scribbled notes relating to them.

How well does it work? Dunno – only just set it up, not tried it yet.