Desktop: Salavon bike layers

Desktop: Salavon bike layers
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Image by Moff
Totally inspired by the work of Jason Salavon and comes no where near the quality of his work, but hay.

It’s made up of 50 or so K800i photos of my road bike, locked in various spots around london. Each one is a Photoshop layer with 10% transparency.

Why do I shoot my bike? A while back, the first time my London bike was nicked, the insurance company actually asked me if I had a photo of the bike before it was stolen… as if they didn’t believe I had one… and as if asking for a photo of a bike just before it’s nicked is a reasonable request. Tits.

Anyway, since then I though I’d be prepared, so now take a photo of my bike every time I lock it anywhere, and this is the first good use I’ve found for the pics.

Once again, credit to Jason Salavon and his amazing work.

8th Dec 06. Just found this by Genista and this set by Brevity who also found inspiration from Salavon. Bervity wen’t one step further though and actually wrote a script that would do it automatically using Flickr search results.


(Feb 2007 updates 1, 2 and 3)

(Jan 2008. A set with similar technique).

(November 2009. Full set on the Sotheby Road project)