Desktop Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

Desktop Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

Desktop Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

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Home Page > Shopping > Desktop Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

Desktop Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

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Posted: Mar 14, 2008 |Comments: 0
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Desktop Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

By: Raisa Raima

About the Author

The author is a specialist in retail writing. Her writing skills reflect the outcome of years of exposure to the retail industry. Working with retail giants as a consultant has enriched her knowledge base and her passion for writing got fire. She can be read regularly on For details please visit: – DVD Players

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Article Source: Computers: Giving Enough Competition to the Laptops!

Let us have a brief look at the desktop computers before getting some vital information on the latest desktop computers. A desktop computer can be easily referred to as an independent personal computer, which can offer effective solutions to meet the growing and complex requirements of a business. The desktop computers are available in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from small form factor models to the large vertical towers. Most of the modern day desktop computers have separate keyboards and display screens.

When compared to a laptop, the desktop computers have the following advantages:

Ø The spare parts and extensions of the desktop computers are standardised and are easily available at low prices

Ø Due to the standardised slots for expansion, they can be easily and greatly customised, while it is not easy to customise laptops

Ø The disassembly procedures of a desktop computer is far easy than that of a laptop

Ø The addition or replacement of a computer peripheral such as hard disk or memory module is an easy task with a desktop computer

Ø It offers more space for heat removal as it does not run on rechargeable battery

Now that we have learnt the advantages of the desktop computers over the modern day laptops, let us take a look at some of the leading names in the field.

Some of the most renowned names in the world of desktop computers are Apple, Lenovo and HP. Apple has been a pioneer in the world of computers. The Apple desktop computers have been consistently riding high on their overall performance and positive responses from the customers from all parts of the world. The Apple Desktop Mac Mini, Apple Desktop Mac Mini 1, Apple Desktop iMac and Apple Desktop Mac Pro are some of the most highly acclaimed and successful Apple desktop computers in the recent times.

If you are looking for the high-quality desktop computers and want to have a consistent and reliable performer, then go for Apple desktop computers among the latest desktop computers. This will be one decision you can take even with the closed eyes and still never regret it.

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