Desktop Computers Are The Best Deals For A Powerful System, Leads Netbooks Or Laptops

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Send Tweets on Your Mac Desktop with Seesmic

One complaint some users have about Twitter is that you have to visit the Twitter web site to use the service. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way if you just look around at the programs available for using Twitter from your desktop. Seesmic Desktop is a great solution for using Twitter from your Mac or your PC. It lets you do @ replies, send TwitPics and much more. (02:33)

Configure a Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine

Some people think that virtual machines running on a Mac have to be clunky. Not so with Parallels Desktop for Mac. It’s offers a huge number of configurable options. Everything from boot order to USB usage is covered. You can make each virtual machine work the way you want. (02:22)

How to Get Rotating Desktops on Your Mac

On the PC and versions of Linux you can have cool, rotating desktops that look like cubes. You can move quickly from one window to another. Sure, the Mac has “Spaces”, but it’s just not as cool as what’s available on the other platforms. Not to worry, we have a solution for you. (02:01)

Run Windows on Mac with Parallels Desktop

Virtual machines give you a great way to run Windows software on your Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac helps you to create virtual machines from operating system discs or disc images. The process is quick and easy-to-do.

How to Choose Computers For Your Home Office

Because so many small businesses start out of the owners home, I thought we would discuss Home Office Tech. In this video we discuss purchasing a laptop vs desktop pc for your office. Distributed by Tubemogul. (07:29)

History repeats itself: IBM vs Apple then, iPhone vs Android now

History, ironically, tends to repeat its self. This may be old news in political, economical or historical events but what happens in Hardware/Software industry ?. While I was reading some articles on the web about the market share of mobile OS’s today/tomorrow, a “pattern” started to emerge before my eyes. There is something in this pattern that indicates what mobile OS will have the major market share maybe 2 years from now, or sooner.

Salih Eminl

Information Technologyl
Sep 01, 2010

Best Buy Wins, Circuit City Fails

Carry a excellent appearance at each outlets: Best Buy and Circuit City. For a number of many years equally had been very thriving electronics suppliers. In spite of the economic climate Preferred Decide to buy has extended to develop despite the fact that Circuit City eventually had to shut downall their retail sites in March of 2009. Why did Circuit Location fail whilst Best Buy succeed? And the other question is what’s best place to buy a pc? Let’s dig in. Circuit City was found…

Casey Potterl
Jul 15, 2010

How to Choose Between a Desktop Computer Or a Laptop

One of the most important parts of your computer’s hardware is the computer case. Desktop computer cases cover and protect your more delicate pieces of hardware in your computer such as your motherboard and your hard drives


Dec 07, 2010

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