Desktop Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

Desktop Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

Desktop Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

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Home Page > Technology > Communication > Desktop Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

Desktop Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

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Posted: Nov 29, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Desktop Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

By: hotbuzzonline05

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Article Source: Computers: 2010 Survey On Service And Reliability

Desktops are much less reliable than laptops nowadays. In the version of this year’s annual reliability survey PCWorld Service, 30.7 percent of respondents said they had a problem serious enough to make them unusable desktop. Only 20 percent of laptop owners to report these problems.

When it comes to support, 1-5 office users (21 percent) said their problem was never resolved by the manufacturer (with laptops, the rate is slightly higher to 23.4 percent). For three – Apple, Asus, Alienware and the office of first class. Alienware shows impressive is good news for the subsidiary of Dell, which built the platform for high-end gaming.

Two years ago, Alienware customers, said an above average number out of the box. But they say the PC business this year are very reliable. (We have not had enough responses to be included in the survey Alienware last year.)Apple had another stellar display in our study.

Apple computer users gave above average in five of our reliability measures, and in all four of our service settings. And when Apple Desktop owners have problems, they are generally satisfied with his answer. Nearly 9 percent of Apple computer users in our survey report their problem was never resolved by the support team of the company, a figure considerably below the average of 21 per cent of the industry, we have found.

HP, the largest PC vendor in the United States, disappointed again this year, appears in the bottom of the ranking of the reliability of its games at home desktops, and its ability to support them. Dell, the second largest seller of home PCs in the U.S., also got bad marks in these areas.

Dell and HP discuss the generally poor performance elsewhere. But to say that Dell and HP have bad results in the market for PCs in the household does not tell the whole story. Both companies benefit most from its lines of business computing. So this year we separated HP and Dell and home users of laptop, desktop, and printer categories to compare satisfaction levels of sales of business and consumer customers.

As expected, we found that HP and Dell customers business are happier than Dell and owners of HP computers. Professional users tell us that the PC manufacturer support Dell is relatively good in solving problems, while their customers at home say the problem-solving skills are mediocre at best Dell. Similarly, the owners of Compaq and HP business notebook seems much happier about the reliability of their machines that owners of HP consumer notebooks.

Dell Business Desktop attainment of a degree above average and average grades eight of our nine categories of reliability and service. Home desktops was much darker with six score below average.”The main story of this package, we will deepen the question of why the customers of both companies home PC seem to fare much poorer in quality of their machines and the quality of support they receive. After reading this article you can go to the Facebook page PCWorld where readers can add their own story about the reliability of the product and service provider.

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