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Image by JozefSK
Look at the comparison between this 26" LCD TV and a regular 17" monitor here.

Upgraded from the 17" ViewSonic to a 26" LCD TV. So far it’s running great as a monitor. Built in tuner makes it easy to switch back and forth between the computer and cable.

Running it in Fedora Linux at 1280×768 @ 60 Hz.

The high-end 2.1 speakers you see are hooked up to the desktop only. Have to hook them up to the TV’s audio out so when I switch to the tuner it outputs the TV’s audio. The built in speakers on this thing are surprisingly good, but then I never raise the volume much since I’m never more than 5 feet away. Nevertheless, I’ve got cable splitters up the ass with this setup. Don’t get me started on the 5 outputs I need from my audio card…

As for oversized LCDs, I’ve been using my 26" LCD TV as a monitor for a few months. Suffice it to say it’s worth it. It runs at 1280×768, so it’s shorter than I like at 1280×1024. It’s a LOT easier on the eyes. Your head has to scan around more, but I’ve noticed that I never squint anymore trying to read a small icon or block of text in a title bar or something. Besides, it’s mostly eye movement more than neck movement so your neck doesn’t get sore. If anything, forcing your neck to rotate is probably better for you than keeping it more stationary with a smaller screen. For games it’s just crazy. The only downside is the price as well as the slight high pitched hum you can sometimes hear. It’s caused by the TV tuner so it doesn’t come on when you’re using the DVI input from the PC.