Dell Vostro 200ST Computers

Dell Vostro 200ST Computers

Dell Vostro 200ST Computers

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Home Page > Computers > Dell Vostro 200ST Computers

Dell Vostro 200ST Computers

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Posted: Dec 09, 2010 |Comments: 0


Computers are one of the most amazing inventions done by humankind. No matter what are profession and what you do, computers can be your obedient assistant or companion. If you are a small business owner and find it difficult to manage your business manually, you can buy an excellent computer Dell Vostro 200ST (Slim Tower). This computer is designed to perfectly meet the needs and requirements of the small business owners. This computer is compact and powerful. It is a perfect device for the people who want to save space but still meet the requirements of the business. Dell Desktop computers command great reliability among the consumers.

Apart from all other features of this desktop, one more exciting thing is this computer does not comes with any trial ware. This computer helps the user to be more productive by offering dual monitor viewing and widescreen capabilities. Despite making a person more productive, the screen of this computer is easier on your eyes with the optional PCIe-supported graphics card. This computer can provide 256MB of dedicated graphics memory.

It comes with only that software which the client requests to install. This system features 4 GB memory that can go up to 640 GB on internal storage. This computer is the perfect devices for the people who have believe in multi tasking. To support the large amount of data storage, this computer features dual hard drive.

If you buy Dell Vostro 200 Slim Tower Desktop Computer, you will get one year limited hardware warranty and the Next Business Day On-Site Service. In addition, you will get tech support for all round the year. This is very compact model and consumes lesser space. It is about 40% smaller than the Vostro 200 Mini Tower Model. You can place it anywhere, beneath the monitor, on the top or under the table.

This desktop offers you as many as 8 USB ports; four in back, two in the front and two internal. In addition, you can use one optical drive bay, choosing from DVD ROM, CD-RW/DVD or 16XDVD+/-RW. You can also use an optional low profile graphics card with up to 256 MB of on-board memory.

With this desktop, you will get one year subscription to Dell Automated PC TuneUp. With this service, a Dell small business support specialist can access your PC to diagnose and repair the problems your PC might be having. If you want to know more about the Dell desktop PCs, you can visit online stores dealing in such products.

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