Dell OptiPlex GX280 Desktop and Tower Computers

Dell OptiPlex GX280 Desktop and Tower Computers

Dell OptiPlex GX280 Desktop and Tower Computers

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Home Page > Computers > Hardware > Dell OptiPlex GX280 Desktop and Tower Computers

Dell OptiPlex GX280 Desktop and Tower Computers

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Posted: Jul 08, 2010 |Comments: 0


The Dell Optiplex GX280 is no doubt an up-gradation of the famous Dell Optiplex GX270 designed to solve techy problems and to increase productivity of an organization. These are extraordinarily reliable, much easier to maintain and extensively up-gradable. Its PC PRO review of 2005 begins with; “An excellent machine with one of the smallest foot prints around. It is powerful and future proof and every component can be replaced without any tools.”

Dell Optiplex GX280 has great design that makes its functioning efficient because it is as good on the inside as outside. Its internal wiring is less webby which not only saves from getting entangled in the wires when changing parts but also helps in keeping internal temperature low, increasing its efficiency further and ensuring smooth working. Also like other Optiplexes its internal management is tool free which saves you from carrying your tool box to the place where you have placed the unit. Its hardware provides the unit with greater stability which is highly appreciated by the computer experts.

Dell Optiplex GX280 makes light work of each given task as hardware applications and tools run smoothly which provides one with the opportunity to perform several tasks simultaneously without worrying about crashes.

These units are valuable business Desktops regarded as fast business computers because they work smoothly without creating any noise. It can be up-graded as much as you want. These are available in five cases; Small Desktops, Desktops, Small Mini Tower, Mini Tower, and Small Form Factor.

Another important feature of this brilliantly designed PC is easy, tool free Trouble-shooting. It is good for users of Dell Optiplex GX280 to know that if in future their PC encounters some problem than it would not take long a diagnostic to diagnose what part of their Desktop has it because the diagnostic can simply run tests across any hardware component to know what is wrong. Trouble shooting is also less time consuming because replacing parts is extraordinarily easy in Dell Optiplex GX280 and as mentioned earlier its servicing is tool free so a diagnostic would not have to search for the right tool in the tool box.

Dell Optiplex GX280 is a good choice especially for the people who loved GX270. It is  a similar thing but with some improvements on the casing, trouble shooting and efficiency. If you are looking for an efficient PC go for it and buy now from the Online Electro Computer Warehouse Inventory where it accompanies brilliant offers. Get one with the help of 12 hour available online support which is there to help you choose the best and to answer your queries, because Electro Computer Warehouse cares about you and your computer needs.

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