Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting And Reliable Managed Web Site Hosting

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting And Reliable Managed Web Site Hosting

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting And Reliable Managed Web Site Hosting

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Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting And Reliable Managed Web Site Hosting

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Posted: Feb 11, 2010 |Comments: 0


A dedicated virtual server hosting package can actually simplify your business processes by maximizing performance. A virtual hosted server allows for multiple applications and operating systems to run independently on a single server, thus allowing administrators the ease and freedom to actively prioritize business needs by moving workloads from one virtual workspace to another, all the while maximizing server resources. From big businesses to small businesses, more are turning to virtual server hosting plans in order to benefit from fully managed web site hosting, at lower costs

Opus Interactive’s virtual dedicated server (VDS) is the perfect bridge between shared hosting platform and dedicated managed servers. The VDS is fully managed, gives you protection and independence from other customers and is less costly than a fully managed dedicated server with the same benefits. VDS is built with some of the best hosting technologies available in the industry, including VMware, HP Blade Servers, and LeftHand Networks clustered storage.

With the use of virtual server hosting, each server can run its own operating system while also being rebooted independently. The physical server boots normally then runs a program that boots a virtual environment for the virtual servers to boot in. Opus Interactive offers Windows virtual server hosting, Linux virtual server hosting, and virtual Unix server hosting.

Virtual server hosting technology changes everything in a positive manner by simplifying and streamlining. The flexibility of a virtual hosted server allows for both applications and servers to be consolidated, thus lending a hand to IT management requirements and challenges.

Whether your need is for Windows virtual server hosting, Linux virtual server hosting, or a virtual Unix server hosting package, these virtual server hosting solutions help to not only reduce expense, but allow you to focus on your innovative goals and move ahead with your business, without worrying about maintenance and inefficiency.

Manage your content safely and securely in our state-of-the-art data center, on the latest HP Blade servers. We’ll provide you with the space, security, power, cooling, and connectivity you need, while our certified engineers provide the ongoing management and maintenance required to keep your site up and running.

Contact us today for your virtualization needs.

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Opus Interactive
About the Author:

Opus Interactive is a full-service Managed Services Provider (MSP), based in Portland, Oregon. It provides managed hosting services, dedicated and virtual hosting services, colocation, and hi-capacity Internet services.


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