DaysToGo [ARM, MIPS and SH3] 1.0

DaysToGo [ARM, MIPS and SH3] 1.0
Category: Calendar & Time Management Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


PurplePecker’s DaysToGo is a useful application to calculate the number of days to an important event. It’s strength is that it is possible to customize all aspects of the display. You can create your own backgrounds, headings and change the way each of the three columns (Date, Event and the number of days to go) appear without the need for a text editor.Features- Keep a record of how many days to that exciting or dreaded event.- Change the display background to one of ours or create your own.- Change the headings to one of ours or create your own.- Change how events are displayed (fonts, colors, sort sequence etc).- View events in SnoopSoft DashBoard using the FREE MyDash Module.- Works in Landscape mode (320 wide by 240 high) courtesy of JS Landscape.Example Uses- Keep track of important birthdays.- How long till your notice period expires.- Use it to help with exam revision.- Know when payments on your house/car are complete.- Next dentist or doctors checkup.- Plan your wedding.For more information see our Web site at

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