Day Seven Two | Get Gear

Day Seven Two | Get Gear
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Image by ASurroca
Long ago, I promised myself that as soon as Battlestar Galactica finished, I would go back and re-watch the whole series at a marathon pace—I’m keeping that promise. Yesterday, i saw the 2003 miniseries, and today I went through the first two episodes.

Aside from that, I got work done, and prepped up some camping gear—I’m going to be at a camping/festival thing almost on the Florida/Georgia border this weekend, so I suppose I’ll be a few days late with my Project 365, since there’s no internet in the woods.

Oh, and the photo: I’ve been listening to Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow a lot this week, and that’s the album playing on the Zune desktop software’s "now playing" view.


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