Datacatch Librarian Helps Small Businesses Comply With Federal Mandates to Store and Retrieve Electronic Data


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2007

The next time you can’t find an important file, keep looking — a judge may just come calling for it.

According to the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which took effect on Dec. 1, 2006, small businesses, including those run out of home offices, must now be prepared, at any time, to furnish “electronically stored information” that could pertain to civil litigations involving their companies.

Many small businesses have begun embracing low-cost portable media solutions that allow them to store and secure large amounts of key data, including proprietary files related to clients, personnel and operations. However, storing data is only half of the equation, and the new federal e-discovery mandate has taken some IT professionals by surprise. According to a recent survey of 170 IT managers and staffers conducted by Computerworld and reported by Sharon Fisher, about 32 percent of respondents said they aren’t prepared to meet the federal mandate’s requirements, while 42 percent said they don’t know the status of their companies’ preparation.

San Francisco-based Datacatch Inc. has created its Search Assistant software to help small businesses cost-effectively retrieve data like enterprise operations and comply with the new federal mandate. The free plug-in extends the search capabilities of Google Desktop and the Datacatch Librarian application, allowing users to search for data on both their portable media solutions and desktop in a single operation.

“Storage is often still an issue for many businesses,” said Lindsay Lyon, chief executive officer of Datacatch. “But it’s finding the data where businesses run into problems. Finding old files is a day-long affair or project for many businesses, and, in many cases, they never find the files. The problem, of course, becomes more pronounced when you start looking at the possibility of facing government penalties during litigation.”

The company’s Search Assistant allows users to search for data stored on their portable media solutions with the familiar Google Desktop™ interface. Datacatch Librarian, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Windows, automatically records file details from all portable media and helps users locate stored data. The two applications are designed to help businesses manage diverse data-storage libraries that may include external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, USB thumb drives and flash memory cards. Businesses, Lyon said, can use Datacatch Librarian to find files in seconds.

“Most people recognize the need to store data,” Lyon said. “Managing data, particularly without an IT staff, is something that many small businesses haven’t really tackled yet.”

About Datacatch Librarian™

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Datacatch Librarian Standard Edition is available at the suggested retail price of $US39 as a direct download from the Datacatch website. The Search Assistant plug-in is free. More information is available at

About Datacatch™

Datacatch Inc. is an international software company focused on the management and security of removable media. The company builds solutions that address the significant growing data archive, search, and retrieval management needs of small to medium business owners and home offices. The Datacatch head office is located in San Francisco, California, USA, with a second office based in Melbourne, Australia.

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