Data Anywhere for Pocket PC 1.0

Data Anywhere for Pocket PC 1.0
Category: Database Software
Platform: mobile
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provides an easy way to use information from a desktop/network resident database on a Windows CE Pocket PC and then to view or amend the database accordingly. Amended or new records can be transferred back to the desktop/network resident database on return to the office/home. Unlike other comparable database applications Data Anywhere dynamically creates the form on your Pocket PC allowing you to view and edit information on your Pocket PC straight away. Selecting records for use on a Pocket PC is easy. There’s no need to learn SQL in order to select records, instead you select records to download using a straight forward query dialog in Data Anywhere Server. Indeed, you download only the records you want saving on valuable memory space on your Pocketc PC.The user interface is clear and intuitive giving you fast access to your data. For example, you can define you own label for each field that appears on the device database form making the forms on the client even easier to understand.Security is built into the application. You can enable password protection on the Pocket PC client ensuring that the client cannot be run without it. In addition, for safety, CE databases can be marked as read only thus reducing the chance of accidental corruption.We designed the application with performance in mind. In particular, unlike some comparable applications, the Pocket PC client does not use visual basic run time files which means its easy to install and cuts down on the memory requirements for the application.The Data Anywhere for Pocket PC software solution has two key elements: Data Anywhere Server and Data Anywhere Pocket PC Client. Data Anywhere Server runs alongside a variety of Microsoft Windows hosted applications on a desktop or laptop Personal Computer system. It provides an intuitive and user friendly way to access a wide variety of database formats, allowing the downloading and uploading of selected records at the push of a button to/from a Pocket PC. Data synchronization of newly created records or record updates is performed according to rules specified by the user. Data Anywhere Pocket PC Client, provides a mobile user with the facility to read and modify the database records downloaded to a Pocket PC via Data Anywhere Server; it also allows the creation of new records within the framework of the selected database. Database records are automatically formatted to fit the Pocket PC display, allowing different manufacturers systems, and varying database record structures to be used seamlessly. Requires: Desktop or Laptop with 2Mb disk space available and Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000. Windows CE Pocket PC with 100KB RAM for application. Microsoft Windows CE OS Version 3.00 or above and support for RS232 synchronization. This is an English only language version.A variety of data sources are supported including: Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Paradox, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, dBASE and Text filesData Anywhere comes with Free upgrades for 1 year and lifetime product support (via email and website).

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