Cyberpower Black Mamba (Gaming Series)

The Black Mamba, known as the cornerstone of the Fang Series, underwent a complete re-design from the ground up to include a monstrous chassis, custom water cooling solution, and DX11 ready hardware. CyberPower is proud to introduce the new Black Mamba. Enhanced. Advanced. Evolved. The enhancements begin in the outer layer. The Black Mamba gets an all new enclosure to house all the powerful hardware it possesses. CyberPower selectively chose the monstrous Corsair Obsidian 800D chassis for its rugged steel frame construction and superior expansion capabilities. The Obsidian chassis is also built to last through years of component upgrades, not that you would need to anytime soon. At the heart of the new evolved beast lies in the innards of the belly. The Black Mamba is equipped with CyberPowers all new Xtreme Hydro custom cooling kit. The Xtreme Hydro Cooling kit provides maximum cooling to the CPU. The Cooling doesnt stop there. The Xtreme Hydro Cooling kit extends to your video cards to provide the best temperatures while drastically reducing noise levels. The Black Mamba also features the latest Intel Core i7 Extreme Processor on its high end X58 platform, the ultimate combination for performance and overclocking. The Black Mamba incorporates the latest special BIOSes that allows for improved overclocking and support for the latest Intel i7 processors; even the Gulftown that will be released later this year. Providing the graphics processing power is a pair of ATIs
Video Rating: 4 / 5