CplxCalPro 4.17

CplxCalPro 4.17
Category: Miscellaneous Home Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase
Publisher: ADACS


Do you like FREE programs? How about 200 FREE programs?No this is not typing error you can download almost TWOHUNDRED FREE user programs for the most powerful calculator for thepalm platform today.Select the program you are looking for from differentcategories like aviation, calculus, financial, statistics etc.Only CplxCalPro is needed to use these freeprograms. CplxCalPro is not necessarily designed to justbalance your checkbook, you could easily do so. CplxCalPro allows you to performthe most advanced calculations and function graphing without any programming.Instead of retyping the same equations with just a few different values you cancreate a little program. The manual contains a step-by-step tutorial withprogramming examples. No programming experience needed.This easy to program GRAPHICAL calculator hasmore than 175 built in functions, 30 built-in constants and eight differentdisplay formats.Are you tired of those so called programmable calculators that just look nice??Some of the features: Financial functions Statistical functions Fully supported clipboard Auto-scaling of the graphs Equation solver worksheet Fully reconfigure the keyboard Complex numbers and functions Build-in root finding functions Build-in, memopad like, database Build-in function to calculate integrals Build-in functions to calculate first and second derivatives Plot functions without any programming Solve equations for variables Easy upload and download of user programs to and from our web site Search our list of user programs using our searchengine. Download programs directly from or web site and greatlyincrease your ROI

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