Count It 3.1

Count It 3.1
Category: Health & Fitness Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


has up to 6*99 = 594 customizable counters with running totals.The hardware buttons control each counter. You may also tap the on-screen icons to count. Can calculate the number of counts/time which can be used in behaviour analysis or any place where you are interested in calculating a count pr. time. This is controlled by a timer with audible alarm.Great for Lab techs, pathologists, veterinarians, vet techs, physicians or any one who needs the ability to count something without having to look away from your work.Now you can count those cells easily.The ability to save a counting session in to a set enables you to capture multiple datasets in the field for later analysis. This could be for statistical work like traffic counting.The conversion utility makes it easy to convert data to csv format for a easy import into spreadsheets or databases.Or how about using this at your favorite sports, keeping track of punches, passes ….Features:6*99 custom label counters controlled by the hardware buttons on the palm or by on-screen buttons.Individual resets as well as reset all counters.Value of increment can be adjusted.Negative increment value (Countdown feature)Remembers the current count session, so its safe to switch to another application.Undo of last counts.Audible alarms, which can be configured to beep for every nth occurrence.Audible Click when adding to a counter.Values can be set directly into fields.Running total of all counters with adjustable alarm threshold.Support for all keyboards. Count up to 4×6 values directly from a keyboard.Timer function which can be set for up to 9999 minutes. Alarm can be set for the timer.Loop function for timer, automatically restarts the timer. Time Lapse Mode, which automatically advances to the next page at the end of each timer period.Partial Interval mode which can be used for Behavior studys.Save/Load of counting sessions into sets stored in 10 slots. You can now save your labels and count values.Can calculate number of counts/time.Export to memopad for easy transfer of data to desktop.PC conversion utility which can be used to automate import process into databases and spreadsheets.Mac users can download a zipped version from

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