Cost Benefits Analysis of ATX Tax Software hosting services

Cost Benefits Analysis of ATX Tax Software hosting services

Cost Benefits Analysis of ATX Tax Software hosting services

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Cost Benefits Analysis of ATX Tax Software hosting services

Cost Benefits Analysis of ATX Tax Software hosting services

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Posted: Oct 22, 2010 |Comments: 0


With Cloud hosting services making its usefulness felt across all domains, small business such as tax firms are also giving a thought on whether it is high time to switch on to alternative mode of application deployment rather tan having local desktop based or local network base application access.

The considerations for tax firms include:

Whether hosting applications such as ATX tax software would bring down the IT costs
Impact on the security of the data
If any functional productivity gains are to be made from switching to terminal server hosting
In what proportion IT support and management costs are reduced by going for , Say, ATX Tax software hosting
If, ultimately, hosting enables faster and efficient tax preparation leading to more profit margins which is the ultimate objective of any tax or business enterprise.
Whether there is any positive impact of ATX Tax software hosting on the clients interaction and management


Before going for a detailed analysis of the benefits of ATX Tax software hosting the Tax firms would like to have the idea about what cloud hosting is all about.

What is ATX Tax Software hosting?

ATX Tax software hosting implies having the application hosted on the cloud server and accessing it as a local desktop interface. This means a centralized database access, ability to access the application independent of the browser or platform and even unique system requirement required by each tax software or their particular edition.

Thus, with ATX Tax software hosting the application is accessible from:

Anywhere in the world the tax professional desires and not just the local network


Analysing ATX Tax software hosting services in terms of productivity gains

Cost Reduction with ATX Hosting: Having ATX Tax software hosted on terminal server can reduce the IT costs of the tax firms considerably. The costs reduction is on account of:

No need to install local servers: The tax firms need only the basic IT infrastructure to access the application. Sine the ATX application is installed and run on the centralized terminal server, there is no need to have local network installed which save the upfront IT costs incurred by the enterprise. Costs are also reduced on account of the obviation of the need for having frequent system or servers upgrades.
Scalability issues resolved: In anticipation of future demands enterprises often invest in unutilised IT capacities and hence incur unnecessary financial burden. With ATX tax software hosting getting any amount of readymade IT infrastructure is easy and quick, thus saving the IT costs for the firm. This also enhances the ability of the tax firms to cater effectively to increased market demand in timely manner.
IT management: A proactive IT management needs dedicated IT resources as well as IT support professional for Troubleshooting and optimal utilization of IT infrastructure which may involve huge costs for a tax firms. Terminal server hosting allows all these functions to be outsourced with no additional costs for the enterprise other than the hosting subscription costs.


ATX software hosting and functionality enhancements

Hosting any application, such as ATX Tax software enhances the way the application is accessed and used by the tax firms and their clients.

Add-ons hosting: Add-ons are am important way to offer complete ranges of financial services to the clients. All ATX add-ons can be hosted on terminal server on the centralized database for effective integration and data import or export.


Client centricity: Cloud hosting also enable better client handling as all the clients data resides on the central database. Also with real time collaboration and multiuser access, it is much easier for the tax professional to cater to the clients request remotely than wait for one to one interaction for sharing or exchange of files or even helping with tax data entry.


Reliability of the ATX application hosting services


Cloud services are more reliable in terms of network access, security and data safety than the localized application access.

Network access: Virtualized and distributed computing ensures that the network access in the cloud environment if guaranteed and fail proof. Further dedicated IT experts ensure that the network is monitored in real time for trouble spots and technical help made available in real time. This is not possible for in-house application deployment which may not have the requisite expertise to handle these issues.

Data Backup and security: ATX Hosting services also scores above in house deployment in terms of assured data back up and security features. Not only the data is stored in multiple locations on a daily basis automatically, the network is also monitored in real time for security threats and proactive troubleshooting ensured.

Further the data access is:

Password protected and encrypted
Protected through the use of latest firewalls and online security tools

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