Cosmo’s Invaders 1.00

Cosmo’s Invaders 1.00
Category: Miscellaneous Home Software
Platform: mobile
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It’s the year 2190 and we have bases on all the known planets in our solar system. We have lost contact with the bases on Pluto and Neptune. The last message from Uranus said they sent out a scouting party to check things but it never came back. They are sending out another armed with lazers and long range viewers. We hope to start receiving more information soon:It is now 2 weeks later and the scout ship didn’t return. The information sent back was devastating. An alien attack force is headed this way but they don’t seem to be firing. They are crashing their ships into ours. The only thing we can figure is they don’t want to alert us to their presence. Please send help we are under attack… Transmission ends.You have 2 drones and your main ship and you are the closest ship to the invaders. Earth’s defenses are on their way. Good luck! full version removes the 5 kills per level restriction and unlocks unlimited levels shareware is limited to 7 levels at 5 kills per level

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