Configuring TV Remote control to use with Desktop?

Question by TV Guy: Configuring TV Remote control to use with Desktop?

I am using my TV as only monitor for my desktop using S-Video port. Now, I am wondering how can I setup an economical environment to use my universal remote control with desktop? Does universal remote control works on infra-red signals? If yes, can I buy a cheap infra-red receiver and download IrMan like freeware application to control desktop? If not, what’s another way to do this?

I don’t want to buy TV tuner card as I don’t watch TV channels on desktop but use it for viewing subscribed foreign channels.
Here is my system configuration:

OS: Windows XP Professional
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: GeForce MX 4000 128MB AGP

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Answer by caarnquist
do you have Media Center? explain your computer, i.e.:

*Media Center for Windows (XP)

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