Category: Specialized Tools
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: MK Development


This is the second generation of ComSpy, a tool to receive, process and send data over different communication objects for the purpose of testing external devices. This new edition is redefining the concept from a strict communication path to a true object oriented way of handling smaller data flows. This is not an analyzing tool for major data flows or communication protocols. It is designed for smaller data packets such as sending commands and processing answers from external devices. Each type of object can have inputs and/or outputs, known as channels. The data flow is routed through the objects for processing. The input end has one or more channels that are defined by the object. The output is broadcasted to all objects in its output list. Some channels have a special purpose, for example in the view group to colour code data for each channel. The data flow is designed by easy drag & drop of objects from the object panel and then routed by dragging the outputs to the inputs.

The software becomes more usefull if you are a hardware or firmware developer. The intention of the program is to communicate with your hardware before you have any software supportng it. With the scriptet GUI you can send down sequences of testdata.With the View objects you can present data from your communication port. The program can of course be used in other areas, for example. Create an SMTP client, MUD client, Syslog server… Contact info can be found in the about dialog.

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