Computer science software/application/web development ideas ?

Question by youknowwho: Computer science software/application/web development ideas ?
i’m in third year of my college , cse
i want to start working on some innovative(feasible) idea …create some software etc.

i need some good abstracts , ideas etc.

any good websites, discussion forums links related to it would be appreciated … thnx

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Answer by Ben
Finally ready to step out of academic programming and into the fun stuff!

I would recommend joining up with an open source project to get some ideas.

Google Project Hosting is a great place to find a project to work on. Sourceforge is also another good place.

Just kind of think about applications that would be useful or using the latest technologies. For example, I have always wanted to see a web based version control system to replace Subversion and Git. Or find a new technology that just came out (like WebGL or HTML5) and write a library to interface with it.

By looking at other peoples projects, usually you will get inspired to make something. Either completely different, or a “I can do that better” type application.

Good Luck!!

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