Computer for sale Desktop custom low price?

Question by Kyle Gallas: Computer for sale Desktop custom low price?
This is an example: Email me at
The computer is remarked as the “EVERYTHING” computer because it has the six key features: Style & Looks, Speed/Performance, Gaming, Office/work Tools, Editing Tools, and Security/Optimization Tools. Nothing is trial-ware and this PC comes with a software disk(s).

Save some reading and watch a video tutorial is featured at

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 with Service Pack 2 equivilent…$ 307.99 retail
Adobe Master collection CS4…$ 2,268.99 retail…$ $ It’s the “do all” suite$ $
Cyberlink Power Director…$ 85.49 retail…Movie editing/slidshow suite
Nero 9….$ 49.99 retail…Movie/Audio/Image Editing Suite
Must have security software…$ $ $ retail…Anti-virus…Spyware…More…
MUCH MORE….Prices from
Watch the video at to get full review.

Fallout 3…Game of the year for 2009?
Crysis…Best first person shooter ever!

Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 2 equilivant…$ 249.99 retail
Clear Blue LED Computer Case with advance temperature control.
2.5 Ghz four-core AMD Phenom Processor
HD4830 “playstation 3 like” 256bit graphics card with HDMI/Hi-def support.
4GB Kingston RAM with heatsinks at 1066 Mhz “High performance gaming memory”
320GB Hard Drive “7200 RPM” with “Data Lifeguard” technology.
DVD/CD burner with 40 in 1 card reader
Much more…
Vist to watch the full video review.

The computer features a recovery disk to restore the computer to factory default. This factory default recovers all of the software and games. Just as HP, Sony, or Dell does, they do not give you a ton of DVD’s to restore the computer…they do what’s called a recovery job. This is what I feature. This means instead of 20+ disks to recover the computer if disaster strikes, only one disk is featured instead. This one disk starts the recovery job to reformat the hard drive to restore everything including the software/games. If you don’t like this recovery job then do not bid!

All of the software and games included on this computer is real and fully updatable/functioning. Nothing fails do to copy protection. Everything is fully registered through Ks Computer for a single user license for this specific PC. Nothing is trial-ware. The serial numbers will show valid licenses. If you don’t like whom everything registered to then do not bid.

The computer has been heavily tested to insure everything is in working order, for example the RAM/Motherboard/CPU has no conflicts with each other. The computer is custom and all parts are less then a month old. If you do not like then don’t bid.

My return policy is as follows. There is no refund unless I sell you false advertisement. For example, Adobe CS4 does not update, Vista does not update, MS Office Enterprise isn’t featured, etc…Once the UPS tracking number shows the computer has arrived to the shipping location, you have 3 business days to return the product. After 3 business days all sales are final. Do not bid if you do not like this policy.

Shipping is in the lower 48 states only. $ 20.00 is for shipping anywhere. The shipping package will include the following only: Desktop Computer, Recovery Disk w/ basic instructions, power cord, motherboard driver disk. To have the package insured add an additional $ 15. Pal-Pal or credit card through Pay-Pal only. 3rd party shipping agents/arrangements is prohibited. If you do not like this then do not bid.

Watch the video at to get full review.

I hope this answers all questions. If not, e-mail me at

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