compatible parts for upgrading a 6 yr old (dell) desktop computer?

Question by afterglow82: compatible parts for upgrading a 6 yr old (dell) desktop computer?
i have an old dell computer that i havent used in a couple of years, as i had a sony vaio laptop. now my laptop has broken, and mky old computer is as slow as hell.

so i’m thinking i’ll upgrade it.

I have a very basic background – i used to build computers, but that was back in the mid-late 90’s, so things have changed quite a bit!

It’s a dell dimension 1100 (spec in the link:

i’m thinking that the minimum i need to upgrade is the RAM, processor, and hard drive. as far as i can see, 2GB RAM is the highest this machine can cope with. but if u replace the motherboard, can you then go for 4GB?

so basically i need to know:

do i need to upgrade the motherboard? if so, what will fit/be compatible?

what processor should i get (based on either my current motherboard, or the upgrade you suggest)

what RAM is compatible with my current system/how to upgrade so i can use more RAM

what hard drives are compatible/what should i look for (i’m thinking 1TB)

anything i’m missing?

i don’t really use the computer for games that much, so i don’t need a top of the range graphics card, but if there is a cheap upgrade i can get, i’ll get that too

thanks for your help!!

Best answer:

Answer by ronin
You’re best option is probably to build a new system.

Your Dell is a socket 478 so you can only upgrade to another P4 cpu. cheap but little to be gained.
You use DDR RAM – not cheap to add
If you want to add a 1TB hard drive you’ll need to insert an SATA card, maybe power coupler adapters too.
250W power supply limits video upgrade plus you only have AGP/PCI.

At most electronics superstores you can find cheaper motherboard/cpu combos which will let you upgrade at least to current Core 2/Dual Core/Athlon II solutions.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I think you have the slim case so the HDD bay is that 1/3 height format which also is a little harder to upgrade so
your case doesn’t really allow for much expansion.

but if you want to stick to this pc upgrade the RAM and HDD for the best bang.

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