Compaq- setting innovation

Compaq- setting innovation

Compaq- setting innovation

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Compaq- setting innovation

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Posted: Sep 01, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Compaq- setting innovation


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In 1986Compaq came out with its first PC based on Intel’s microprocessor and surpassed IBM which was the world known leader of that time. After this it launched Deskpro and Systempro.  The company made its first market appearance as a retail brand in 1990. By 1998 Compaq became second largest computer maker in the world. Since then the brand is prospering, and the result is what we have in front of us today. After its merger with HP the CPQ is now HPQ denoting brand HPCompaq.

Compaq is range of offerings includes IT equipments, Software services and solutions, Personal Desktops, Notebooks, Personal entertainment and Internet devices. The brand is best known for its PC product line that comprises Compaq Portables, Compaq Deskpro, Compaq LTE, Compaq Presario, Compaq ProLinea, Compaq ProLiant, Compaq Armada, Compaq EVO, iPaq, Compaq Professional Workstation and wireless LAN products.

HP Compaq is in battle with PC giants such as Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba. After being thrown out of the race by Compaq’s affordable range of PC’s it seems IBM is back on track after its PC segment was bought by Lenovo. While Dell is an alternative to HPQ when it comes to desktop replacement laptops, Lenovo and Toshiba are in competition with the brand in terms of style and portability

HPQ‘s recent attraction are two new Compaq Presario desktops and two Compaq Presario notebooks unfurled in 2007. These are features packed notebooks with 15.4″ widescreen show boasting BrightView Technology. Adding up to this is the iPaq which a pocket PC. This one is laced with a mobile MSN and other PDA features. These days, the brand HPQ is busy promotingCompaq Presario SR Series Desktop with various attractive contests and offers. Brand Compaq is one of the favorites in India when it comes to laptop. This multinational brand is believed to deliver quality, cutting edge technology and is also liked by many due to its dedicated service.

As a last note, to all who like to shop online HPQ has launched an online store recently. The facility is mainly targeted to increase the sale of products like the Presario range, Notebooks, Laptops, iPaq Desktops SB Series, fingerprint ID and smart card readers.

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One ofmany wonderful commercials John Cleese did for Compaq Computer Corporation in the mid to late ’80s. This one is so completely British in its approach that some Americans may be left scratching their heads. A very rare find and a treasure for any John Cleese fan, these classic ads were shown only in England.
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Is it right that Compaq was getting sued for discrimination against workers, and compaq will shut down?
I was told today at work that Compaq was getting sued for discrimination against workers, and since it was such a huge case, that compaq was gonna shut down. Is it right?

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