Common Search Problems that Craigslist Users Face

Common Search Problems that Craigslist Users Face

Common Search Problems that Craigslist Users Face

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Home Page > Shopping > Common Search Problems that Craigslist Users Face

Common Search Problems that Craigslist Users Face

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Posted: Jul 22, 2009 |Comments: 0



If you are new to using Craigslist to find good deals, buy a home, rent an apartment, or find a job, you may be unfamiliar with its pros and cons.  Although a great service, there are many search problems that users face.  What are the most common?

The inability to edit a search results page.  After performing a Craigslist search, you get a list of headlines on a new page.  This summarizes the product for sale and you can click for the full listing.  Right away, you may be able to determine that an item isn’t what you wanted.  For example, you may want a classic Ford truck, not a newer model.  Even though the item isn’t what you wanted, it still sits among your search results.  There is no way to delete it, meaning it may take you longer to sort through the good deals and the bad.

The inability to search multiple locations at once.  Craigslist is city-based, meaning you select your state and city.  When performing a search, you are searching listings posted in that area only.  This poses a problem for those looking to relocate and buy a new home, willing to travel for the right paying job, or just avid deal seekers.  If you want to search multiple locations on Craigslist, you must perform multiple searches on different city pages.  Unfortunately, this can take hours and sometimes even days. 

The inability to save your Craigslist searches.  Not all buyers are ready to make an immediate purchase.  Some are just using Craigslist to compare products and prices.  If you are one of those individuals, you may return in a few hours or days.  Since there is no Craigslist save a search feature, you must perform your search again.  Although a relatively simple task, it can be frustrating.

A good alternative to dealing with the above mentioned features is to download a Craigslist desktop search tool.  Common features include the ability to search multiple locations and categories at once, as well as a Craigslist save a search feature, and more.  These tools come in different formats, but are easy to find online.

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Adnan Masood
About the Author:

Motion Technologies is the home of the Craigslist Reader, a Craigslist search tool that you can try for free!


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