Coca Cola ads series 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Coca Cola ads series 1996 Atlanta Olympics
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Image by roitberg
Exactly by July 19, 1996 Coca-Cola started a very different advertising campaign. As Atlanta is her home and the home of Olympics, with Sports Illustrated DAILY and NBC TV, Coca-Cola made a once a day ad during the games. One printed ad and one TV ad. For the first time they are united at the web. I was unable to find days 12 and 13 (with Fidel Castro at the cover), I Hope someone have they or the Archive publish they.

Note that some strange things happened. Day 15 and 9 used the same art, but different text. The round red logo with Olympic rings was used only starting at day 6.

Please see at bigger format. Or even 2.5 times bigger using Microsoft Silverlight tecnology at… – it really worths.