cobalt’s Color Directory

cobalt’s Color Directory
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Image by cobalt123
This is a representative sample poster of a set I made for fun, using images that I shot mostly just for the color I enjoyed. The full set on flickr has over 72 images so far, but this montage collected 72. There are links on the image to the set and two slideshows I created using fd’s slideshow application online. I really like that flagrant disregard tool, especially since it shows the images a bit larger and on a full black background with room for my urls and descriptions.

The first part of this set is on the left, four columns across and then 9 rows deep. It continues to the second part which starts in the top middle, with an image of a bright orange poppy and ends with (what else!) some cobalt blue.

To see any image, you are welcome to click on links, see the set within flickr, or see the two slideshows hosted on flagrant disregard.

Slideshow – first part:
Slideshow – 2nd part: