Choosing a New Web Hosting Plan?

Question by yoshdf: Choosing a New Web Hosting Plan?
I’ve been shopping for a new web host. I am confused about the bandwidth history of my current host. What is the difference between incoming and outgoing traffic? Last month my incoming traffic was 53.45 GB and my outgoing was 4.70 GB.

When I get a new host, what’s wrong with shared hosting? Why do people pay extra for dedicated? Is it just if you have web applications that require processing power?

is media temple’s gs a good option?

when dreamhost or hostmonster seem to offer more for less?

I’m hosting mainly static pages with some PHP 4, and using osCommerce. currently paying $ 150/month for dedicated hosting seems like too much.

Can anyone recommend the best hosting plan/company for me?
Here are some stats from awstats on the main site. (there are a few smaller sites on the server)

why is the “traffic not viewed” so high?
…the regular traffic is so high because the last admin didn’t like compressing images

right now i have a dedicated server. too much, right?

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Answer by Chiky
I am currious to know why your incoming traffic is 53GB and outgoing is only 4.7GB on a static site. The ratio is correct but the ammount of traffic is interesting to me… I’m currious to see your site and what it entails.

-Here’s the breakdown. Your outgoing and incoming bandwith doesn’t really matter if you are running a static website with those kinds of numbers. That seems like something your hosting provider put together for a fancy feature.

-You only need dedicated hosting if you are a larger website with lots of server-side apps or scripts that need to run, OR if you just need lots of dedicated space.

-I have a client who has dreamhost and they are on the shared hosting. I like it because their panel is easy for me to use and if you are worried about it, your bandwidth allotment can grow over time depending upon the plan you choose. It’s plenty for my client and she has a pretty dynamic site with larger files. I do like dreamhost and they are running a promotion right now!

I personally have Go Daddy. I like it and it’s very inexpensive for the shared hosting.

It sounds like you are overpaying for something you don’t really need.

Good luck!

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