ChangeWave Survey Shows Apple iPhone ‘Halo Effect’ Set to Drive Mac Sales Higher


Rockville, MD (PRWEB) June 27, 2007

A new ChangeWave consumer PC survey shows two major purchasing shifts simultaneously hitting the marketplace. One is almost certain to have a transformational impact on Apple (AAPL). The other has important implications for Dell (DELL). The survey was conducted June 6-12, 2007 and a total of 3,881 members of the ChangeWave Alliance participated.

The survey asked respondents who had either bought a computer in the past 90 days or who planned to buy one in the next 90 days to report the type of computer (desktop or laptop), and the manufacturer.

While Apple Mac sales for the past 90 days have held steady – when we asked respondents about their planned computer purchases over the next 90 days, the marketplace transformation becomes apparent. Going forward, an astonishing 28% of respondents who plan to purchase a laptop in the next 90 days say they’re getting a Mac – a 9-percentage point increase since ChangeWave’s last consumer survey in March.

Another 22% say they’ll buy an Apple desktop – a 4-point increase since March.

“The most likely explanation for such a large-scale projected gain going forward is the advance publicity and release of the Apple iPhone,” said Tobin Smith, founder of ChangeWave Research. “This ‘halo effect’ on Apple computers is going to be huge, and we’re about to see it reflected in Mac sales.”

In another surprise, Dell has experienced a large market share increase among consumers over the past 90 days – its first positive results in a ChangeWave PC purchasing survey since June 2006. A total of 37% of Alliance respondents say they bought a Dell desktop in the past 90 days, up 8-points. Laptop purchases (28%) have also ticked up 2-points.

Nonetheless, the picture for Dell going forward over the next 90 days is not as rosy – though it’s still somewhat better in terms of desktops than previously. Planned desktop purchases for Dell come in at 36%, a gain of 1-point. On the down side, Dell Laptop planned purchases (28%) fall 5-points to a new all-time low. Still, after 18 months of decline, Dell is suddenly showing signs of momentum among consumers.

In other findings, Hewlett-Packard’s desktop market share appears to have faltered in the past 90 days. Just one-in-four respondents (25%) who purchased a desktop over the last 90 days say they bought an H-P – down 5-points from March. However laptop purchases (27%) rose 2-points. Planned H-P desktop purchases for the next 90 days are also trending lower, with just 23% of respondents saying they’ll buy one – a 5-point slowdown since our previous survey in March. Laptop purchases are up 1-point.

Mixed results were also seen for Gateway, as their consumer desktop share fell sharply over the past 90 days (3%; down 6-pts), although laptop sales experienced an uptick (8%; up 3-pts). Looking forward, planned purchases for both Gateway desktops (10%) and laptops (4%) fell 4-pts each. Overall, the survey results point to a weakening in Gateway market share, and a decline in momentum going forward.

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