Catching Up with Friends And Family With Remote Desktop Software

Catching Up with Friends And Family With Remote Desktop Software

Catching Up with Friends And Family With Remote Desktop Software

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Catching Up with Friends And Family With Remote Desktop Software

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Posted: Apr 28, 2010 |Comments: 0



Genealogy is all the rage as of late. It may have started with the Da Vinci Code craze that saw every fan of the book and film tracing their lineage back in the hopes that they may be of noble or even biblical bloodlines. What does this have to do with remote desktop software? As technology has advanced, so too have our methods for leveraging it. The National Genographic project came soon after the Da Vinci Code began to fade, and it allowed people the world over to identify their country of origin through the use of a simple cheek swab. The national interest in genealogy remains high, as evidenced by the popular new television show “Who Do You Think You Are,” which follows celebrities as they travel the globe and fill out their family tree. New technologies and well maintained records give us the ability to go step-by-step into our past. It seems that we have as much interest in where we came from as we do in where we are going.


Still, for those of us non-celebrities who do not have access to the resources of a television network to help fill the gaps in our knowledge of our family history, it can be quite challenging to accurately identify our long lost and dearly departed family members and ancestors. There are several services such as and that will help the average citizen to locate their distant relatives, but actually meeting them in person is not an option for most. This is where remote desktop software can really show its versatility.


Let’s say you have tracked your family history back several generations. You don’t come from nobility, but your family is a long respected one, noted for their hard work and honesty. In learning about the various businesses and organizations your family has been a part of, you discover a small bakery in Europe that is still run by members of your family. You track down the website of the bakery and obtain the emails of these long distance relatives. Since you both live comfortably, but without the means to fly across the world to meet in person, you decide to use remote desktop, also known as remote access software.

These programs will not allow you to meet your relatives in person; they will facilitate high quality video chats over the internet. These types of meetings can allow you to look into the eyes of your family members and talk directly to them, rather than being limited by the telephone. With certain remote desktop software applications, you may even have the ability to record these meetings so you can share them with your family members or simply watch them again at a later date. All the time spent on tracing family history and populating family trees can now be affordably rewarded by using these programs to make connections with your actual family members, rather than merely filling in blanks on a lineage chart. Perhaps the videos captured from these remote chats will help future generations to understand their own ancestry and solidify bonds among distant family members for years to come. All that is needed to start the journey is a healthy interest in finding out where you came from and a simple installation of some remote access software.


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Tim Kennedy
About the Author:

This article was written by Tim Kennedy on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your remote desktop software, PC remote access and remote access needs.



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