Canon Photo Printer | HP Photo Printer – Portable Photo Printers Recommendation Here are some top pick of portable photo printers that can be recommended. Canon Pixma ip100 This Canon ip100 is a great combination between inkjet desktop printer and specialized photo printer. The weight is about 4 pounds and can to be taken for traveling. The price is worth for the advantages you will get. The need of improvement is the case. You should look for the fit case that makes it more comfortable and orderly to bring it anywhere. HP 460wbt First time you saw this printer with its price, it seems that this printer is more expensive than others. But wait until you see the features included in HP 460wbt. This HP Deskjet can print up to 8.5 x 11, having battery pack, compatible with either digital cameras and its memory card or USB 2.0, Bluetooth and manageable cartridge. The battery pack gives more pounds to the printer’ weight but claimed to print for about 450 prints. The output can considerably good enough for photo and document at the best average speed. The portable photo printers with you to complete your digital camera are in perfect union. The greatest moment will not be left behind anymore.
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