can you help me with these questions?

Question by soy de la ghetto: can you help me with these questions?
Take Assessment – Final Exam – IT Essentials II – Network Operating Systems (Version 2.0)

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1 is an example of which class of IP address?


2 Which phrase best describes scalability in a system?

ability to sustain its services if components or processes fail
ability to deliver NOS services consistently under heavy load
ability to respond to client requests for access to server databases
ability to grow without degradation in performance

3 The ping command is used to test network connectivity. What is the best IP address to ping for this test?

the DNS address
the loopback address
the local NIC address
the default gateway address

4 Which part of the OS, loaded into memory at boot time, manages hardware devices?

file system
user interface
application software

5 What should an administrator do before installing a major software upgrade on a production server?

shut down the network
obtain written permission from the manufacturer
reboot the server
test the results on a test server

6 What is one major advantage of a star topology?

It requires very little cabling.
Problems are more easily identified and are typically isolated to one cable segment.
Cabling can extend over great distances without loss of signal strength.
It does not require any special devices such as hubs, switches, or routers.

7 Which list of IP addressing information can the DHCP server supply?

IP address, NetBIOS, subnet mask
subnet mask, web server IP address, DNS IP address
DNS IP address, IP address, subnet mask
IP address, DNS IP address, web server IP address

8 Which unit is used to measure the speed of today’s CPUs?


9 What is characteristic of a TCP SYN attack?

a large number of half-open connections
large numbers of illegal pings
multiple servers that are sending large amounts of data
numerous port scans looking for open ports on the server

10 Which type of backup will select only those files that have changed since the last backup and clear the file markers indicating they have been backed up?


11 Which of the following would be standard file system types that Linux would use during an installation? (Select two.)


12 Which of the following are characteristics of UDP? (Select three.)

often used in diskless workstations
will retransmit on error

13 What is a beneficial feature of preemptive multitasking?

Applications share the use of the processor by time slicing.
The processor dynamically adjusts the amount of memory needed by the application programs.
Application programs share memory addresses and exchange information.
The operating system controls the allocation of processor time.

14 Which Linux command is used to create partitions on a hard disk?


15 Which of the following are characteristics of routers? (Select three.)

They contain tables with network addresses.
They determine optimal destination routes to other networks.
They are faster than switches and bridges.
They can be computers with special network software installed.
They can be active or passive.

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