Can somebody recommend me some remote desktop software?

Question by War2th: Can somebody recommend me some remote desktop software?
Hello! I’m looking to incorporate some remote desktop software into my small computer repair business. I want to offer remote support help to my clients with as much ease as possible. I’m looking for software that does not require additional installation or downloads on the client end. Something that works smooth and secure through my firewall. Free or open source is always a plus but if i have to pay a bit then i don’t mind. Thank to everyone who helped answer my question!

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Answer by Gerald s
well i’m not sure if this is your cup of tea lol. but most linux disro’s come with that software installed.I use Ubuntu but as i’m not a professional pc guy but do help with what i can,plus it’s all free. if your using windows ,you can run linux in a virtual machine and use it then ,but my need some work to get it up and going. or you can install it to a machine by dual booting ,wube install (like a program in Windows),run it from a flash drive by booting it up with it or have a machine with just that installed . i’m sure i missed a few other options . …heres a link to the Ubuntu that i use but there are many out there and some may be specifically designed to what you need. good luck

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