Can I put email on my blackberry using the desktop software?

Question by themachonachoboy: Can I put email on my blackberry using the desktop software?
Hey guys i just got a new blackberry curve 8330 from Sprint. But, upon getting the new phone, I see there are no email services enabled. I had email and browser services on my previous blackberry, but this one seems to be lacking it. I know i can go to a repair center to solve this, but i lack transportation. Is it possible for me to some how put email and browser services on my phone through the desktop software manager?

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Answer by David G
Here is the Full software OS from the Nextel site:

The download is 82.0MB. Before going further keep in mind if you reload the os you will need to re enable your voice on your phone (as it will be set to factory defaults). You should be able to do so by dialing *228 (note: this is from my experience with Verizon and this may not work. Yet I believe the major carriers use the same star number for phone setup. If not you can also contact Sprint at 866-805-9890)

-Since this is a executable file from Sprint it will run through a setup wizard. Ensure you connect your blackberry via the USB port then run this file.

-After this step is completed your device should reboot itself. Disconnect the USB cable. Dial *228 and you should hear music playing in the background. This will continue for up to a minute or two. Afterwards there should be a completion message you will hear.

-At this point you will need to either setup your BIS (Blackberry Internet Server) email or confirm your new device pin to ensure the email is being received and sent.
-Go to:
(Setup a new account if you do not have one or sign in to your account) From here you will be able to setup up to ten personal email addresses on the phone and manage them. Sprint will be able to guide you through this process as well if you need any further help.

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