Can I get help getting into C# development?

Question by matthewspeed: Can I get help getting into C# development?
(First of all, I work in an MS shop. Any answers suggesting Linux or PHP will be reported as spam. I don’t influence or control my environment; I have been told what I may use.)

I am a former IT professional. At one time I was writing enterprise level Intranet applications in Classic ASP with SQL Server backend RDBMS from versions 6 through 2005. In my new job I have need of an internal application for my use and IT said they will host it for me on SQL Server 2005. I have not written a line of code in over two years and believe it is time to leave Classic ASP behind forever. I wrote a windows service that communicated with SQL Server in VB.Net several years ago but our internal developers use C# so I figure I should too. I have never written a .Net web application.

My primary tool will be Visual Studio 2005 with a SQL Server 2005 backend.

I am looking for reference resources that will help me to quickly get back into programming, preferably some that will help me to leverage what I already know into what I need to learn. I tried looking for books at Barnes & Noble but everything there was VS2008, something I don’t and won’t have.

Any advice on how to get back into the world of MS web development will be appreciated.
I went to the link for the WROX book. Is that a legal download?

What I really wish I could see is a simple example for a two table drill down, e.g.

Table One:
AuthorID (int, identity),
FirstName (varchar(25),

BookID (int, identity),
AuthorID (int)

The page would come up with a drop down for the list of Authors. Selection of an author would show a list of said author’s books with the author selected in the drop down. Changing the author would post back and update the list of books. I could code this in half an hour in Classic ASP. If I saw that in C# I would probably be 90% of the way to what I need to transition from where I was to where I want to go.

If anyone knows of a basic example like that I would be well on my way.

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Answer by Luis Forte
Here is a link to an e-book that could help you:

Also, you can find other e-books at, search for “C#”.

Good Luck!

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