Can anybody help me with what gaming desktop i should buy ?

Question by warlock1128: Can anybody help me with what gaming desktop i should buy ?
Hi i am going to buy a desktop computer for gaming. I dont know whitch to buy and thats were i need your help dell or alienware or make your own i dont know whitch is best but if anybody bought a gaming pc from these companys can you make a asnwer if u like it please thankyou.

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Answer by Dean B
Building your own is the chepaest, most rewaridng, nad most customisable option. however you need to know how to build a PC.
Dell actualyl owns Alienware, but Alienware is probs the best option for gaming rigs.
PCspecialist is also prety good, loads of custimazibilty, oaky prices and menat ot have pretty godo services.
Commdore are a start up company ( i suppose, there year old now though) that only make a few uncustomsable rigs but at a decent Price, and all have great cases.
Vadim were good, but unfourtatly were a victim of the credit crunch and closed a few months ago.

Get enthausust PC mags, usualyl havea bunch of PC builder ads in hte Classifieds, as wel las tips on building your own, CustomPC is probs the best mag for stuff liek that.

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