Calculatormatik 1.0

Calculatormatik 1.0
Category: Calculators
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: Mustafa Bugra AKTAS


Calculatormatik is a tool to perform different types of calculations and conversions. It include adsense code for Blogger, area, base64 to string, byte, hex to ASCII, hexadecimal to decimal, division operation, electric current, energy-power, equation solver, prime, non-prime numbers, quadratic equation solver, random lottery numbers generator, random password generator, string reverse the string, seconds to minutes to hours, hijri to Gregorian, length, numbers to string, simultaneous equation solver, stopwatch, sum of numbers 1 to N, sum or difference of cubes, temperature, voltage, volume, weight, and weight on other planets converters. Calculators include auto loan, factorial, fraction, fuel consumption, geometric progression, calculator (Windows), greatest common factor, compound interest, depreciation, divisibility, birthday, body mass index, hypotenuse, least common multiple, MD5 hash, mortgage, nth Root, Ohm’s law, percentage %, prime factor, relative atomic mass, resistor color code, restaurant bill, SHA256 hash, simplifying fractions, square root, and cube root calculators.

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