Busta Gadgets Flourish in Google


London, England (PRWEB) May 8, 2007

Busta, The Internet mobile phone, is growing in popularity having already built a substantial user base in over 210 countries. Busta is a Web 2.0 gadget with an ultra slim 140kb software footprint which takes just a few seconds to load using broadband or a few minutes to add to a browser on a dial up connection.

Busta has more functionality than Skype but is 99% smaller in size. Busta includes free voice and the Busta system means that users to log on anywhere, get access to their messages, text, voice or video mail, and make calls, send SMS messages, and access or update address books. Phone calls are charged per second, with the first 10 seconds always free.

To add Busta to the Goggle desktop takes just a few minutes, opening a Busta account is easy and normally includes free phone or text credits which allow users to try before they buy.

Nick Ogden, Chief Executive of The Voice Commerce Group, who developed and operates Busta commented, “We launched Busta last September and we have seen steady growth in usage and popularity. With the growth of personalized desktops, gadgets, widgets are creating a world of their own. Since the Google move to really encourage us to personalise our own desktop, demand for Busta has grown rapidly, and last month we saw a real jump in revenues, which is a direct reflection of usage by our customers, which appears to be continuing.”

Busta is also used as the VoIP phone for the Voice Pay system that was launched last week amid global media interest.