Business Travel to Japan on a Budget- Osaka and Tokyo,, 1/3

CNN International ran a series “Business Traveler” which focused on international business hubs and offered tips on more bang for your buck. This clip focuses on Japan’s Osaka and Tokyo. In this segment, Richard Quest starts in Osaka and busts the myth that sending staff to Japan will send prices through the roof. Steven Crane weighs in and sets the budget for a day (lodging included) at JPY 22000. On this budget, taking the subway is the preferred mode of travel. In major Japanese cities like Osaka, subway stations offer directions at the ticket kiosk in English. Business lunch is with a group of Western expatriates who are the resident experts. It is explained that in Japan a business lunch is a way of negotiating the way that business will be conducted not the actual contract itself. How to gain respect and how to offend the Japanese is discussed as well. After lunch at JPY4000, a ramen shop is visited as a much cheaper alternative. After this, a media cafe is visited where a guest stays in a small room big enough for a couch, a small desk and a desktop computer which plays DVDs and has access to the Internet rented by the hour.
Video Rating: 5 / 5