Business Objects XI: Desktop Intelligence Course

Business Objects XI: Desktop Intelligence Course

This course is designed to teach basic and advance reporting techniques and skills for Business Objects XI Desktop Intelligence. People taking this course should have experience using some sort of reporting tool, such as BusinessObjects, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or any of the similar reporting applications. This course is unlike any other in production today, because it offers many real-life examples.

Many courses touch each subject. However, they fail to show how all of the subjects work together to create a unified solution to reporting needs. This course overcomes this, by providing over thirty different examples that help students understand how to use BusinessObjects to provide solutions to corporate reporting demands. The topics are also introduced in a logical and simplified manner. Thus, enabling students to grasp concepts and techniques in a more relaxed style.

Training employees is expensive and time consuming. Buy the best training manual for your employees. One that not only covers the needed topics, but also provides many exercises that not only enhance their knowledge, but also can be used as a reference to help solve the many reporting obstacles that they may face. This will not only reduce the amount of support needed, but will give your employees the needed confidence to create fantastic reports.

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