Building A Desktop Computer (gaming computer)?

Question by TreyL: Building A Desktop Computer (gaming computer)?
Hey all. So I want to build a “gaming desktop”, mainly to play final fanatsy 14. As far as desktop building goes, I’ve never built one, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been using this website to help me out with my research. Basically what I’m doing at this point is trying to get an understanding of the different parts I should purchase in order to build this. I’m currently looking at an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition for the CPU. I’m a little confused on which motherboard to get though. I’ve read to stay away from motherboards with integrated video cards. I would like to buy seperate video cards that I can install myself for better performance….does that mean I should stay away from this combo on newegg? I have a zillion other questions but right now Im trying to focus on choosing a cpu and a motherboard…..any thoughts? advice? comments on anything I’ve said? Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by Gothic Warrior
That is a very good combination to buy. I have the same exact 2 things. Just make sure that you buy a good cpu fan cuz man does that baby put off the heat.

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