Bricks & Mortar Brands Still Reluctant About Mobile Marketing

Bricks & Mortar Brands Still Reluctant About Mobile Marketing
Pearlfinders, a company that interviews senior marketers in the US and UK, found that companies that invest heavily in paid search advertising for desktop devices are still reluctant to invest heavily in mobile, despite widespread opinion that 2011 could finally be the year of the mobile . In conversation with senior marketing executives from established bricks and mortar brands, Hard Rock …
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U-Bild: Secretary adds instant home office
Occupying just eight square feet of floor space, this computer secretary project has room for everything you need, all behind closed doors.
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Apps: Tembo, ExactScan, TinkerTool
Tembo 1.4 ($ 15) – Tembo is a search tool that can help users locate any files, mail messages, bookmarks, and more. After searching for a keyword results are automatically organized into categories which can be further filtered down based on the user’s request.
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