Brand to Brand Combat on New Product Comparison Website


Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) June 22, 2007

Compare The Brands takes an old concept (shopping comparisons) and adds a new twist to help consumers make the right choice when researching products online.

When asked to explain the concept behind their new product comparison website, the team at says it’s “brand to brand combat”.

Unlike most shopping comparison websites out there, Compare The Brands does not provide price comparisons across different online stores for the same product. Instead, they take two or more similar products from different brands and compare their prices, features and reputation to help consumers make informed buying decisions.

Last summer Founder and content editor Everett Sizemore was in the market for a new ladder, and had narrowed his search down to either Gorilla or Little Giant ladders. “After hours of searching online all I could find were sites that gave me the prices on one or the other from different stores, or sites that tried to sell me on one or the other because they make a commission,” Mr. Sizemore explains. Realizing there was a need for honest comparisons between different brands, he began work on .

Whether you shop online or buy from the store’s physical location, chances are you do your research on the internet. With all of the opinions out there, it is difficult to wade through the marketing hype and get to the real information that will help you make an informed purchasing decision. That’s where Compare The Brands comes in.

Products are compared based on features and average price. This unbiased information is taken directly from the manufacturers’ specs whenever possible. A score is given to each brand based on these factors, and each comparison has a section for comments from the editor, as well as user feedback. So not only do you get an unbiased rating of features and price, but also an in-depth look at the comparison and real reviews from users just like you.

Some examples of brands being compared include: HD DVD Versus Blu-Ray Disc Players; Weedeater VS Black & Decker Weed Trimmer; Dell Versus Gateway Desktops; Motorola v195s Versus Samsung SCH-A870; Netflix VS Blockbuster, and many more.